Riding Mexico by Motorcycle – Tips

Riding Mexico by Motorcycle – Tips

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Motorcycle riding a curvy road in Mexico.
Curvy road to a Volcano in Mexico by Motorcycle with Ride MB

Riding Mexico by Motorcycle

¿Are you looking for the best tips to ride a motorcycle in Mexico?

While this time of the COVID-19 virus passes. We believe that it is a good time to share with our community of motorcyclists some good advice about traveling by motorcycle in Mexico. Throughout our motorcycle tours in Mexico, we have applied some of these tips.

On every motorcycle tour in Mexico or Motorcycle rental with us, we provide these motorcycle tips for riding a motorcycle in Mexico to all of our customers in order to prevent scams and protect their integrity above our rental motorcycles.

Here are some of them:

  • For card payments at any store in Mexico, request the bank terminal ALWAYS!
  • On every road toll, use only the left side of the lane, be careful, the lane could be full of oil leaks from cars.
  • The cost of the road tolls all over Mexico, for motorcycles, is the half rate of a car. From US$1 to US$6.
  • Verify your cash change when you pay on every road tolls. Take your time!
  • Bring cash in your wallet, only the necessary, $200 MXN should be fine (US$10). Not counting the cash for road tolls.
  • In case you are being stopped by police or and army checkpoint on the road, try to cooperate by SHOWING only (NOT GIVE THEM) your personal id and valid license. An important notice is when you are taking out your wallet the army or policemen will have their attention on what’s inside of your wallet and how much cash you have.
  • Keep the credit and debit cards in your wallet backward, with the visa logos face in. We have been advised of policemen asking for money through ATM´s

Motorcycle Riding Tips – Conclusion

We consider that these Mexico Motorcycle tips are some of the most important for us, obviously are not the total, We should never finish, were we to relate all of them.

If you have considered a riding tip for riding a motorcycle in Mexico that needs to be part of this list, please share it in the comments with us!

To all of our motorcycle rental riders and motorcycle adventurers, we offer 24/7 instant support and full road assistance, via phone during rentals.

We´ve prevented our customers from being scammed and solutions in case of any situation. Please don’t forget to check our Mexico´s useful information and our FAQ´s section.

With love from Mexico to the world motorcycle adventurers.

Ride MB Motorcycle Rental & Tours.
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