Riding a Motorcycle in Mexico

Mexico useful information

Mexico Weather

In Mexico City most of the time we have a temperate climate, however, each season of the year certain climatic factors predominate that you must have to consider for your ride in Mexico.

December, January, and February are the months with the coldest weather, even when there is the presence of some cold front the temperature reaches to -5 °C accompanied by rain or light drizzles

March, April, and May are the hottest months, being able to reach temperatures above 32 ° C, it is surely an excellent time to enjoy and refresh yourself on Mexican beaches

June, July, August and September are the months in which God Tláloc dump over Mexico its celestial waters and makes us know that rainy season has come, in these months most of the days present moderate to strong rainfall in the afternoons And nights.

October and November are the months in which the strong winds and the fall of the leaves of the trees warn us the arrival of autumn, you will enjoy a temperate climate and strong gusts of the wind and clear skies.

Mexican People

Certainly one of the greatest riches of Mexico is its people and the warmth that distinguishes it since it will always be willing to welcome you with open arms, they are very kind people in their dealings with others, it is distinguished by always having a cheerful soul, Even death is perceived in a very peculiar way, involving it in its daily life as the songs and until the celebration of the Day of the Dead, according to tradition celebrating death is associated to celebrate life itself, religion, clearly, is An influential part in all their customs and traditions.

Mexican Food

The richest in Mexico its infinite and exquisite typical dishes and reflect the immense culture and tradition in every corner of the Mexican territory, each city has different dishes that characterize it, the regional ingredients that are used and their way of preparation makes them unique, never miss the opportunity to ask about the typical dish of the region you visit, you will undoubtedly be ecstatic with the infinite variety and combination of flavors that distinguish Mexican cuisine that has prehispanic traditions and influence from other countries of the world.


The currency used in the whole territory is the Mexican Peso, however, there are areas such as the Caribbean or the border area in the north of the country where American Dollars are accepted.

Mexico, in general, is an economic destination to travel, you can find good dishes and a very good price in the whole territory, the same thing happens with the lodging, you can find from hostels to luxury hotels, however, it is a question of being looking for and getting the best possible price, undoubtedly Mexico has a very noble economy and adapts to the budget with which you come prepared.

We recommend that you change your currency to national currency in the exchange houses located in the airport of Mexico City as they are the best exchange rates offer and besides being a safe place.

Most merchants accept payment with credit and debit cards, but the recommendation is always to bring some cash into your pocket.

Mexican Crafts

One of the most important activities in Mexico is the one that allows the artisans of each corner of the country to share their customs and traditions in unique works of art and that is elaborated with materials usually natural and emblematic of each region, you can find elaborate crafts with precious stones, cloth, cardboard, wood, plants, precious metals, clay, ceramics among others, all of them worked and molded with tradition and history to make an invaluable work of art.

In every destination, you visit always ask about the handicrafts market or local market where you can find a huge variety of Mexican artworks and at an excellent price.

Safety and Road Conditions in Mexico

The security in Mexico is not as the media makes it see, it is a safe country to travel however like any place, there are recommendations of trip and security to make your stay in Mexico is the most pleasant.

The roads of Mexico mainly of Mexico City are characterized by their bumps and stops, the recommendation is always to be alert in the conditions of the road to prevent some fall, in rainy season one has to exert even more the precautions.

In the trips that you ride by the roads of Mexico will be the best, you will surround yourself with incredible views and landscapes, surrounded by winding scenarios and very diverse climatic zones like mountains, mountain ranges, lagoons, hills, forests, rivers and beaches, No amount of visual delight.

In most of the highways there are collection booths in which only the payment with Mexican currency is accepted, take it into account for your ride.

The recommendation is that all your rides on the roads make them for the day because when doing them at night the vision decreases and some animals tend to walk along roads, in addition to reducing the possibilities of relief.