FAQ´s – Ride MB – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Motorcycle Rental & Tours Mexico

Why rent with RIDE MB?

We are a legally registered company as lessor and tourism operator in Mexico committed to provide each of our clients with extraordinary experiences, in addition, the rental motorcycles are our own fleet and recent models.

What is the showroom schedule?

Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Sunday closed. *In case your booking Start/Ends on Sunday´s without prior authorization, you will pay a Sunday Delivery/Reception fee $35 US

Can you help me plan my adventure?

Yes, it will be a pleasure to help you plan your adventure in Mexico, we have referents in every aspect of your trip as hotels, restaurants, and activities to perform.

How can I get to your showroom?

Getting around in Mexico City is not complicated by the public transportation system, as a reference you can arrive by the following means of transportation:

By Metro: Line 3, Ethiopia station.

By a Taxi: UBER or Pink city taxis; they charge with a meter in the vehicle by distance traveled and time of the passage. Mexico City airport taxis are yellow with a fixed rate to our location of approximately US $15.

Can I leave my luggage at RIDE MB during my trip?

Yes, you can leave us with your luggage while you enjoy your rent without extra charge.

What should I bring for my motorcycle trip in Mexico?

Comfortable footwear, clothing and suitable for the places you will visit in Mexico.

If you require it, we have accessories that you can add to your rental to complement your equipment such as rain suits, motorcycle boots, knee pads, GPS, mobile bike mount, etc.

How much money should I take for my adventure?

You decide how to enjoy your trip and budget, Mexico is a very noble country and adapts to the budget with which you come prepared.

We recommend you do the exchange of currencies at the airport of Mexico City.

Is it safe to drive motorcycles in Mexico?

Yes, it is safe, however, there are certain areas that are better to avoid in Mexico City now called CDMX, do not worry, we will advise you. In other states it is safe and we always recommend doing it during the day.

What assistance will I have during my rental?

You will have road assistance and advice on the road 24/7 during your rental, we will provide you with a contact number for any problems/questions/recommendations you may require during your rental.

I chose a specific model, is it guarantee that it will be available on the day of my rent?

It is a guarantee that it will be available, the color can always vary, however, for non-scheduled issues the availability of the model chosen could be affected at the last moment, in that case, we will inform you as soon as possible of the alternative we offer for you with the same or better features, in case of rejecting our offered option we can re-schedule your rent or we can refund the amount paid in a maximum period of 30 business days.

When can I pick up / return the rental motorcycle?

Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays

What are my responsibilities during my rental?
  • Check fluid level of the motorcycle such as oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.
  • Always check for optimum tire pressure.
  • Report to our personnel immediately any type of accident, incident, mechanical failure or anomaly that you detect on the motorcycle.
  • Keep the chain tensioned at least every 500KMS.
What is the minimum rental time?

24hr (1 day)

Can I leave Mexico with the rented motorcycle?

It is not allowed to cross border boundaries.

Where should I return the motorcycle?

In RIDE MB Mexico City CDMX Location, unless previously agreed to another place to make the return due to force majeure or by common agreement.

What happens if my bike suffers a failure?

You must stop the motorcycle and notify our assistance staff immediately or as soon as possible, who will be responsible for giving you instructions to follow.

What happens if I get a flat tire?

You must stop the motorcycle without rolling it in that state and give notice to our assistance staff as soon as possible, you must evaluate and in some cases make use of the anti-puncture kit provided, if repair is not possible at that moment when contacting us we will look for the option more viable and convenient depending on the damage to the tire so you can continue enjoying your rent.

What if I have an accident and I do not have risk wounds?

The main thing is your integrity and the one of your companion.

You must notify our assistance staff immediately or as soon as possible about the accident, who will be in charge of providing all necessary assistance.

What are the conditions of your motorcycles?

Our motorcycles are always in optimum conditions, before and after each rental our technical staff is in charge of making an exhaustive review and maintenance. 

You only have to worry about enjoying the experience.

What should I check when picking up the motorcycle I have reserved?

Our staff will perform a visual and mechanical inspection where you can check the condition and functionality in which we deliver the motorcycle, accessories, and equipment, through an app we will take photographs of the current status and a report will be generated which will be sent to you by email (Previously registered) and will serve as comparative in case of damages.

What documents do I have to sign when I receive the motorcycle?

You must sign a contract, a declaration of responsibility, a receipt for the Security Deposit made, as well as the inventory of the status of accessories and equipment of the motorcycle. By law, all documentation will be signed in Spanish language.

What documents should I sign when handing over the motorcycle?

You must sign through our app the report with the new photographs of the condition in which the motorcycle is being delivered, if you refuse to sign it, our contract contemplates that we can charge the full amount of the escrow registered even if the damage is minor.

Can I use the motorcycle for a rally or competition or for off-roading?

NO, OFF Road, rally or any other type of skills or resistance competition are prohibited, in the case of registration and verification of this, we can charge the wear / excessive use by means of the Security Deposit as well as any damages generate, invalidating the contracted insurance.

Do you have a discount for rental days?

Yes, we have preferential prices for the number of rental days hired.

What happens if I do not return the motorcycle at the place, date and time agreed?

A police report is immediately generated where the motorcycle is located at the time agreed, which would result in legal problems, in addition, the exceeded days/time is charged as well as an additional 20% of the total of the rent as a penalty.

What happens if I return the motorcycle with less gas?

Your credit card is charged the amount of Premium Gasoline + a cost for supply and administration for each missing liter.

What are the rental requirements?
  • Official ID or valid passport
  • Valid license to drive motorcycles
  • Credit card
How do I send my documentation?

We are a green company, we try to print and use paper as little as possible. After making your express check in you will see the links to which you must send your documentation in a digital way by our Check-in page.

Is my driving license valid in Mexico?

Yes, the license of your country or state is valid as long as it allows you to drive motorcycles.

What is the minimum age to rent a motorcycle?
The minimum age for conductors shall be 21 years. 
What do they need my credit card for?

We will make a retention of the available balance on your credit card as a guarantee deposit, make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the assigned Security Deposit.

How do I book?

You can make your reservation through our website or if you prefer Via phone where we will send you the confirmation of your reservation.

I have doubts about my reservation.

Send your doubts to the e-mail: support@ridemb.com Or call us at +52 55 68230662.

How can I check the availability of your motorcycles?

On our website it is possible to check the availability and book your rental within 1 day in advance,  in case the motorcycle you require is sold out on the required dates, you can call us at +52 55 68230662 to check last minute availability.

How long do I book my rental?

As soon as possible and whenever availability is confirmed in a period of not less than 6 hours.

I want to be sure about my trip/rental/motorbike, could I pay all the reservation at the pickup time?

Yes, we attend last minute rentals if we have the requested motorcycle available. Consider your rental period in order to offer you a high experience rental with us.

Can I make a change like date, model, or days to my reservation?

Yes, you can, only once and you must request the change with 15 days in advance, in the case of requesting a different model the rate difference will be charged and the change will be subject to availability.

Can I book without a credit card?

Yes, you can book your reservation without a credit card. A credit card is mandatory required for the Security Deposit at the motorcycle pickup.

Can I book with a family member's / friend's credit card?

Yes, it is possible, the cardholder will be responsible for the motorcycle by the assigned Security Deposit in case of an accident or event even if it´s not the main driver and must be present at the time of delivery and return of the motorcycle. Two Pre-authorized extra drivers can register with extra cost  USD $12 per driver per day.

May I cancel my reservation?

Only for medical reasons and 30 days in advance *Only foreigners, otherwise it is NOT possible to cancel, you can only reschedule it once with 7 days in advance.

What happens to my reservation if I don't arrive the day of my rental?

The rent is considered as enjoyed and we do not make any type of refund.

Can you reimburse me for the payment I made?

We do not make any type of refund.

Can I cancel my reservation for medical reasons or convalescence?

Yes and only to foreign tourists, as long as information of admission to hospital of direct relatives is presented, as well as medical references with stamps and signature of the attending physician. A refund will be made less 30% of the rent for administrative reasons.

I was notified about the cancelation of my reservation, what can I do?

For reasons of force majeure, your rent was canceled from us and the amount paid will be refunded. One of our assistants will contact you to clarify any doubts.

I do not want the alternative model they offer me, what do I do?

You can choose a date on which the model you want is available or we can reimburse you the full payment.

My flight to Mexico is delayed, what can I do?

It is important to let us know as soon as possible to help you and offer options in your rental, as long as it is verifiable, your rent is still available. We do not make refunds in case of cancellations of flights, we can only reschedule your reservation.

I just paid for my reservation, what's next?

You should expect an email with the confirmation of your rental and the instructions to continue.

How do I pay for my reservation?

All of our web reservations are processed via PayPal, you can pay through it with Credit/Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex Card.

How do I pay the Security Deposit?

Is mandatory with Credit Card and at picking up time of the motorcycle. You can pay it with a family member’s / friend’s credit card, the cardholder will be responsible for the motorcycle by the assigned Security Deposit in case of an accident or event even if it´s not the main driver and must be present at the time of delivery and return of the motorcycle. Two Pre- authorized extra drivers can register with extra cost US $9 each driver.

I do not trust electronic charges, what can I do?

You can call us, we can charge to your credit card by a phone call.

Can I pay in cash?

Very sorry, WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH any case.

How the motorcycle damages, deductibles, fines and other charges would be paid?

The amount will be charged to the credit card where the Security Deposit was left.

What happens if I do not recognize the charge made on my credit card?

We have backups in videos, call records and emails, the bank submits the payment made to the investigation and will dictate the correspondence of our vouchers.

What is the amount of the Security Deposit?

Varies by motorcycle model and contracted insurance. Could increase at last minute for many reasons like the age of contractor party, hiring accessories or other reasons without previous notification.

When is my security deposit released, if there were no incidents when returning it?

We release your deposit in a maximum of 72hr (business days) after the end of the rental provided if the motorcycle is NOT damaged, in the case of damages the valuation to calculate the damage and the amount to be collected is up to 30 business days.

Why has not the Security Deposit been released on my credit card?

The balance adjustment is done by the bank of your card and can take from 15 to 90 days to be reflected in your account. We can support you with proof of cancellation of the deposit made, however, the final responsibility for the release of the balance is the bank of your card.

How is the Security Deposit made?

Through a lock on the available balance on your credit card.

Why did I receive less amount than the security deposit I left?

There may be a charge for damages, extra rental time, gasoline missing, extra accessories, copyright charges etc. In all cases, you will be notified by email the amount charged.

What is the media, copyright charge?

We love to share our footage with you and we expect the same, also, we understand that for some reasons you want to keep the media usage rights even with your own cameras. In that case you can pay an authorization for the use of the media, document and tracking for personal use, vlogs, blogs, social media, tours, routes, brand, motorcycles, images, persons, staff, tourguides, showroom, scouting routes. This fee could vary according to the number of the days or tour you hired starting at US$199 and could be charged from the security deposit of your rental as stated in the hiring forms you´ve signed.

Are the motorcycles insured?

Yes, all our motorcycles have basic Liability insurance.

What insurance is included in my rent?

Only Basic Liability Insurance

Do you have medical expenses insurance?

No, we don’t.

Do they have insurance against damages?

Yes, we have optional extra protection with extra cost and allows you to limit your liability to the payment of a deductible in case of damages. You can select it in extras/accessories section at the time of your web reservation or request it by a phone call.

If contractor party declines our PDW optional coverage, the security deposit will be increased and the contractor will be responsible for payment for the total value of the motorcycle in case of theft and damage to the motorcycle, in addition to irreparable damages to the motorcycle and / or when It is necessary the replacement and towing the motorcycle, the driver and/or contractor will be solely responsible for all the expenses that are generated by the transfer of the motorcycle to the pickup location.

The coverages are INVALIDATED if the terms and conditions and clauses are not complied with at the time of signing the rental agreement, for driving the motorcycle under the influence of alcohol and / or toxic and narcotic substances, for reckless driving, to use the motorcycle in tests of Speed or any type of competition or rally, driving the motorcycle on unauthorized unpaved roads, if motorcycle is driven by unauthorized driver, due to bad driving habits causing damage to motor/suspension/traction system, Exceeds permitted engine speed or transmission that results in damage to the motorcycle or broken engine, by continuing to drive the motorcycle with unreported damage and without prior authorization, to make repairs or any modification to the motorcycle without previous authorization.

THIS INSURANCE IN NO CASE SHALL COVER the loss or damage of keys, plates, fines and extra accessories. The contractor must pay the full amount.

What if the motorcycle presented minor scratches by normal use?

Any type of scratch or damage that is caused to the motorcycle has a cost, it will be collected from the Security Deposit.

What if the motorcycle suffers damage while it was parked?

The motorcycle is your responsibility throughout the rental period, any type of damage caused to the motorcycle and accessories will be charged from the Security Deposit.

What happens in case it is stolen?

You must immediately notify our staff who will give you instructions to follow, the report will be made jointly with Mexican authorities and the escrow will be blocked until the amount to be paid is agreed, in the case of foreigners, a bulletin and a report will be issued to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

What to do in case of damage and/or accident?

You must be safe under any circumstances;

You must immediately notify our staff about the accident;

Follow the instructions that are indicated to you.

Lost or Damaged an accessory, what will happen?

The charge will be made to the credit card registered as a guarantee for the total value of the accessories and/or, if applicable, the total cost of the repair. Optional coverage does not include payment for these damages.

Can I repair the motorcycle to continue my trip?

NO, YOU CAN’T without permission. You can only do this if you have received instructions and express authorization from our staff.

Do you have cancellation insurance?

No, we do not have cancellation insurance.

Hiring insurance, will I not pay anything in case of damages?

In the case of damage caused to the motorcycle accidentally it is your responsibility to cover the amount for caused damages up to the maximum amount of the Security Deposit.

In case of damage to the motorcycle in an imprudent way, due to mistreating or any violation of the traffic regulations, you will be responsible for covering the total amount of damages caused to the motorcycle.