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Our route starts early morning and takes us to magical place called Teotihuacan, one of our most iconic archaeological zones, where we can visit and admire the majesty of its pyramids and temples, where we can visit the plenty of museums of the area, after we will embrace the journey to Acolman and the Ex-Convent of San Agustín which will transport you to a time of mystery and legend of Viceroyalty legacy. A truly “must see “while in Mexico city!! Riding on a BMW Motorcycles – Harley Motorcycles – Kawasaki Motorcycles. Motorcycle tours Mexico City – Ride MB

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    Mexico City

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Mexican Pyramids

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Teotihuacan Museum


07:30 hr - We begin our route to the gorgeous City of the Gods, the most visited archaeological zone of Mexico City, we will cross the mysterious road of the dead safely through which we will reach the largest temples such as the magnificent Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon, the Temple of the Feather Serpent, which we can climb to the top just to enchant us with the incredible view where we can also recharge ourselves with divine energy of the cosmos just like old civilizations used to.
We will have breakfast in a surprising underground and truly unique restaurant, where we will be able to taste different drinks and delicious typical dishes of the region.
We will visit different museums such as the Museum of Teotihuacan Culture and the Teotihuacan Mural (Painting Museum), this will further enrich our culture of this mystical city and its wonderful civilization.

16:00 - We´ll continue with our route to go to Acolman a city full of mysticism and fascination and Ex Convento de San Agustín where Mother Nature is responsible for filling it with amazing greens and exotic flora.
We will be able to experience a wonderful tradition that has been carried out for 420 years, which is the elaboration of the famous and beautiful piñatas where the clay pots and colorful papers give life to this tradition, to which we are really proud of.

18:00 - Our return to Mexico City begins.


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